• I want to be a carpenter. If I need something I come back here and the school helps me, like with my CV. I came here when I was young. I left as a man.
    Andre, previous student
  • I can't remember when I was last in such a creative and dynamic learning environment.
    Grahame Price, Head Teacher, St Paul's Way Trust School  
  • It's a brilliant school. They've got the right staff, they get to know the kids really well, and they get to know their families. They know us as people. I feel supported as a parent.
    Sandra, parent  
  • My abiding feeling after visiting Ian Mikardo was how happy I am to pay taxes for this wonderful school. The ethos is life enhancing instead of punitive. And it works!
    Penny Woolcock, film maker  
  • Students' progress, in English and mathematics, from low starting points, has been outstanding in the last three years. This is because of high quality teaching and the use of exceptional resources.
    OFSTED report, 2014  
  • It's a wonderful school and there's no stigma to coming here. If a kid has a row, it's forgotten the next day. My boys wouldn't have lasted five minutes in a mainstream school but now they're doing ok.
    Donna, parent  
  • This is the weirdest, craziest place I've ever worked but I walk around whistling and singing because I love it. Helping the boys to have a good day lifts their spirits and ours too.
    Chris, teaching assistant  
  • Any child who gets to come here is privileged. This school saved my son.
    Lisa, parent