Our Success

Why Ian Mikardo?

We are proud to be acknowledged as a centre of excellence and believe that we are successful because we give our students consistent emotional support and make them feel accepted.  We teach them how to work through conflict and difficulties, how to build respectful relationships, how to trust, and how to communicate.  This makes them feel safe and enables them to function without always feeling distressed or angry.  Then they can begin to learn.

Our innovative work has been recognised by independent external organisations:


Ofsted monitoring Inspection (2016)

In November 2016, Her Majesty's Inspector, Lesley Cox, confirmed Ian Mikardo's outstanding status. She found safeguarding to be effective and noted that, "The school is a happy and well-ordered place to learn." She added: "All leaders constantly check that their actions are making a difference. They are united in believing that their pupils deserve only the very best. This is reflected in the high quality of provision that is offered and the excellent care and support pupils receive."


Ofsted Outstanding School Award (2014)

In June 2014 we received our third  consecutive Outstanding award. The Inspector praised the outstanding quality of teaching, and noted that students respond readily to the sensitive and calm approach from staff, and that the Head Teacher, backed by the governing body and a committed staff, has ensured that students are helped to make outstanding progress. The full report is at the bottom of this page.


Ofsted Outstanding School Award (2008/9)
In March 2009, we received a second Outstanding award for providing our students with excellent education.  Her Majesty’s Inspector, Melvyn Blackband praised the exceptional leadership by the Head Teacher, the excellent standards of teaching and an interesting curriculum.


Ofsted Outstanding School Award (2005/6)
We received our first outstanding award in June 2006 for being a “fine and rare example of excellent practice in a school of this type.”  Her Majesty’s Inspector, Glenys Fox, also praised the way the school works very effectively to address the negative experiences many pupils have had in their previous schools.


Her Majesty’s Inspector Visit (2007)
We were visited by Her Majesty’s Inspector, Eileen Visser in December 2007.  She was impressed by how our “student-centred approach in school makes it a special place to both learn and teach”.  She noted that our strength is based on “trusting relationships and a genuine concern for promotion high individual achievement” and "targeted, specialist support is consistently given to promote independence and is complemented by exceptional partnerships with external agencies. 

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Working at Ian Mikardo

Ian Mikardo High School is a challenging and rewarding place to work.  We put the students first, we work hard and to high standards, and we work together to achieve the best possible outcome for each student.  We recognise that our staff may need support themselves and ensure that it is available for them.

As the key to our success lies in building relationships with our students, good communication skills – and a sense of humour – are essential for our staff.  These relationships provide students with opportunities to try out new ways of relating to others in a safe environment, and help them to grow into stable young people. We have an innovative curriculum and provide a high level of support for the students and their families.  

Ian Mikardo High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its young people and staff share this commitment.  An enhanced DBS check is required in accordance with Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education legislation.

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