East London Advertiser (January 2015) Cyclist reunites pupil with lost phone

But little did he know that a cyclist who found the missing handset in the street was determined to return it safely to him.

With the smartphone in his pocket, Nick Fearn, 45, waited for someone to call.

Sure enough, Jerome Weatherman, Ehsan's teaching assistant at Ian MIkardo High School, had been ringing the lost phone before Nick answered and agreed to cycle it over to the school in Talwin Street, Bromley by Bow.

This random act of kindness was praised by headteacher Claire Lillis, who said: "At a time when the world is full of tension and tragedy, I wanted to share this good news with the community as an example of how we can and do work together for the common good."

Nick, who works at Evans Cycles in Canary Wharf, said: "I know how much we all value our phones. I spotted the phone in the road and thought it would get broken, so I put it in my pocket and hoped the owner would ring.

"I lost my own phone once and someone was good enough to return it - so I was really chuffed when Ehsan's phone rang."

Ehsan said he was "over the moon" to get the phone back and thanked Nick with a card.

The youngster said he thought he was going to have to save up to buy a new phone.