East London Advertiser (September 2014) 1950’s diner serves up rock’n’roll lunch

The dining room at Bromley by Bow’s Ian Mikardo High School had a rock’n’roll makeover going back to the days before their parents were even born.

It has a jukebox giving the boys a “taste” of shake rattle and roll with their rolls and breakfast snap, crackle and pop.

The funky refit was designed by the Art department at the school, which has recently introduced an onsite chef who cooks to order using organically sourced food.

“We want all our students to be healthy and we want them to have fun too,” Head Teacher Claire Lillis said.

“I’ve wanted this kind of space for a long time – it’s stylish and it’s great for socialising.”

Added to the retro décor are self-portraits of ex-pupils lining the walls.

“As we look at the portraits, we think about them in their working lives,” Ms Lillis added.

“We remember the progress our former pupils have made at college and in their careers.”

The students at Ian Mikardo have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and statements of special educational need.

The school in William Guy Gardens, Talwin Street, provides support to be ready at 16 to “engage with a constructive future.”