East End Life (May 2014) Chef-fresh food at Ian Mikardo

Students kicked off the new term with a choice of barbeque chicken, vegetable hot pot or jacket potatoes, served with peas and a choice or salads.

The school has already achieved the Healthy Schools Award after cutting out sugary snacks, cereals and food high in artificial ingredients, but wanted to further improve the quality of meals.

Kevin Wildrianne, the school's healthy lifestyles co-ordinator, said, "Children who eat better, learn better and we want our students to have good quality, wholesome food all the time.

"The boys will benefit not just from eating food prepared from fresh ingredients, and understanding why this is good for them, but from seeing cooking skills being used in our kitchen every day. We hope the presence of our own chef will encourage some of them to think about catering for a career."

The school's new catering provider is Kent-based Principals which guarrantees none of its meals are frozen or imported.