East End Life (November 2013) - SBTV founder is a true inspiration

The 23-year-old entrepreneur Jamal Edwards told them that self belief was the key to "making good things happen" and that they should follow their dreams.

"Seven years ago, sitting in my bedroom, I didn't think I could do all these things. The main thing is believe in yourself. Just keep on being persistent. Lots of people will say no, but I was inspired by being told 'no' all the time. I kept going," he said.

SBTV produces and broadcasts video, attracting millions of views. Jamal signed copies of his book, Self Belief, The Vision, for each student.

"There are people who look at things and ask why. I say, dream of things that never were and ask, why not?" he said.

Head Teacher, Claire Lillis, said: "It was wonderful to see the boys so engaged with a young male role model who understands what it's like to make your own way in life.

"His visit also supported Black History Month and raised awareness of the importance of literacy," she said.