A magical day at Hogwarts

At Hogwarts (otherwise known as Warner Brothers in Hertfordshire) the boys sat on broomsticks, travelled in the Knight bus and had a cooling glass of Butterbeer.

“Diagon Alley was the best bit,” said Perrie, a Year 7 student who is something of a Harry Potter expert as he’s reading the fourth book about the young wizard’s adventures. “I got on a broomstick and it was like playing Quidditch.”

Brandon, also Year 7, liked the puzzle best, but was shocked by the high-end muggle prices in the gift shop.

“I hope the boys had a great day,” said Dale Pile of Canary Wharf Group, which sponsored the whole school trip. Let’s just say we’re always up for a bit of magic at Ian Mikardo, and we’re grateful for the support that gives us the opportunity to provide a special day out.